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“Frontline beach or frontline golf!” – These are the most common answers we get when asking potential customers what they are looking for.  But are these properties overrated? – Definitely not!
We already covered in our other blog entry why frontline beach properties are not just a limited luxury but also a lucrative investment. But what does make frontline golf properties in Marbella or generally on the Costa del Sol so special?

The Costa del Sol is also known as the Costa del Golf, and not without good reason. There are over 90 golf courses on the Costa del Sol and golfing resorts located in Andalucia, of which around 60 are located on the Costa del Sol, four of which are ranked in the top 10 in Europe. Some of the most prestigious courses located along this famous stretch of coastline include the highly rated Valderrama Golf Club, the San Roque Golf Club, La Reserva and Los Naranjos.
This concentration of quality courses and an enviable climate has made the Costa del Sol one of Europe’s top golfing destinations to many hundreds of thousands golfers each and every year. Many thousands of golfers head to the Costa del Sol to play with their friends, families or golf societies.
The peaceful, quiet and relaxing atmosphere is what makes golf properties so special. Some people prefer listening to the sound of the waves and others prefer hearing nothing but from time to time the sound from a golf ball being hit by a golf club.
Not only can you enjoy fantastic views (panoramic sea views till the rock of Gibraltar overlooking a beautifully maintained golf course) but also be sure to have a solid investment.  All year-round golfers from all over the world travel to the Costa del Sol; which consequently keeps the demand high for these properties – especially for holiday rentals. One of the biggest advantages is although that there is no low season for golfers.
That is all very well, but when is the right time to buy a golf property in Marbella and surrounding areas?
The right moment to enter is now. Whether you are looking for an apartment, penthouse or a villa frontline golf in Marbella and surrounding areas, Villa Noble is the right partner. Since 1996 we are successfully selling luxury real estate and property investments. We have frontline golf apartments starting from € 98,000 in our portfolio up to multi-million luxury villas on Marbella’s “Golden Mile”.
A front line golf property assures you quality of lifeincrease in value and return!
Do you have further questions ? Feel free to contact our dedicated sales team anytime.


Posted on March 18th, 2016